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Referendum on the New Constitution-2012

A non-binding constitutional referendum was held in Iceland on 20 October 2012.[26] It had originally been scheduled to coincide with the presidential…

Constitutional Drafting Process-2011

Parliament appoints members to Constitutional Council -2011

Supreme Court Voids Assembly Elections-2011

The Supreme Court of Iceland ruled the election to the Constitutional Assembly null and void with a decision on 25 January 2011. Six Supreme Court…

Elections for Constitutional Assembly -2010

An election was held for the assembly on 27 November 2010 using STV-PR under the Weighted Inclusive Gregory Method. 522 people stood in the election,…

National Assembly-2009

jóðfundur kostaði 91,7 milljónir _ RÚV.pdf

Iceland's National Assembly, planned for 14 November, is a unique attempt to capture the wisdom of the crowd. This is probably the first time that a…

National Forum- 2010

A government-organized assembly of 950 randomly selected citizens. The 2010 Assembly concluded that the new constitution 'ought to contain certain…

Constitutional Committee Appointed-2011

Seven Icelandic specialists nominated to organize National assembly and elections for Constitutional Assembly - later constitutional council…

Constitutional Act -2010

Act on a Constitutional Assembly no. 90/2010

New Government Formed -2009

Social Democratics (with Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir as Prime Minister)

Pots & Pans Revolution -2009

Economic Crash –2008