Icelanders approve world's 1st "crowdsourced" constitution


Icelanders approve world's 1st "crowdsourced" constitution


Smari McCarthy, International Modern Media Institute, joins Thom Hartmann. As corporations seize control of more and more of OUR Constitution, thanks to the Supreme Court - the people of Iceland are rising up to take back THEIR own Constitution. Over the weekend, voters took to the polls in Iceland to approve a national referendum calling for a new Constitution to be approved in the wake of Iceland's financial crisis in 2008. That new Constitution was drawn up by a special panel of 25 citizens who took suggestions from Facebook and Twitter to draft the world's first ever "crowd-sourced" constitution. According to the results - 66% of the nation approved the new Constitution, which includes reforms such as nationalizing more resources, giving voters more power to call for their own referendums, and enacting term limits on the presidential office.



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