KRIA Icelandic Constitution Archives


KRIA Icelandic Constitution Archives


The biggest movement you’ve never heard of, is at risk of disappearing into the night. And this matters. It matters to you as a free thinking human being and it matters to world governments as an evolution of democracy, that can effect policy around the globe.
So what is it? In 2011 Iceland rewrote its constitution using a uniquely and historically open process, a document literally by the people, for the people.

This effort inspired participatory democracy, a theme that has since taken root in other societies around the world. It reshaped the dialogue on how a population can work with available technology, consensus building, and civic engagement when reinventing the governmental processes in supporting the needs of their constituents.

What resulted was a proposed constitution, that was affirmed by a public referendum. The Parliament has yet to ratify the proposal.
Eight years later the effort is still alive and well, gaining traction and interest globally. Yet there’s a threat that this historically relevant process will fade into the great nothing if left as just memories.
Documentation. Bits and pieces of this whole process have been kept in a variety of formats and locations. With proper documentation this process can be a valuable resource for generations to come.
Much of what went into making this proposed constitution a unique and relevant document, can be preserved and made readily available to everyone. Because it was the first crowdsourced national constitution in history, there hasn’t been a blueprint on how it should be cataloged…until now. This is intended as a testament to the exceptional work contributed by so many in this process.

Time is of the essence, we need to make sure that we retain as much information as is available. It is crucial for citizens, globally, that we not lose sight of what happened.

The archive (named KRIA) will serve as a centralized host to preserve the heart and soul of the Icelandic constitutional reform movement.



Eileen Jerrett
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“KRIA Icelandic Constitution Archives,” KRIA, accessed March 1, 2021,
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